We’re almost ready for the art show…

Right now I am thankful to be able to sit down for a few minutes to write today. Although I am also frantically getting ready for this art show and don’t really have the time. So, there you have it!

amy loadingWe (the girls and I) are very busy getting everything ready for the art show this weekend. It is very exciting! I am busy touching up my art at crazy hours, organizing everything and getting new banners printed while the girls do things like pick up decor from Ikea for my booth, load the booth up for the show and help organize everything we need to take with us. This new ShowOff tent I have looks great, but it weighs a ton, as Amy can tell you!

deb getting fixedWith all of the stress of preparing for this art show (new tent, new banner, new rug, a whole bunch of new paintings, etc.) I got a bit tight, so my friend came to give me a hand to help relax the muscles. I look really relaxed here, right? One of the things any artist can do to help relieve the stress is to be well prepared. While we are working to get things together for this show, we are also putting together a checklist which I will share in a future blog to help those of you who want to start doing the shows. Maybe it will save you the trouble of having someone fix you 🙂

deb with rugsWell, now that I am fixed, it is off to do more work! As you can see, I have added a new product and had these great rugs printed with my art. Aren’t they awesome?! You can stop by and see one (and you could buy one, too) at the Dunedin Art Harvest this weekend. I look forward to seeing you there!


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