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debra kagan contemporary artistSome people ask me or wonder about my different painting styles and why I do so many different kinds of work. I don’t know how to reply in a way that makes any sense other than why should a contemporary artist limit themselves to one look? I love Cirque de Soleil, dark chocolate, passion, fun and making people laugh. I wonder how to find that special something that a friend really wants. How I can create something that makes someone feel such joy. I admire the design and style of Chanel, love people and clothing, am mad for color and inventing new ways to express myself with paint and different mediums. A contemporary artist should be able to communicate in all sorts of ways and not be repetitive. Each piece is a new moment in time for me to capture the emotion. Why would I want to edit myself?

I am passionate about texture and one sided about color combinations. I am definite on what I love. I know about war, famine, poverty, suffering and failure in peoples lives. We see it all the time, so why put it in my art. Don’t we see it enough?  I know that the lives of people are sometimes complex, yet I also know that life is in fact so simple! So why cant I have different styles to show the feelings and emotions of the things around me and use my abilities to paint to express my thoughts? Isn’t a contemporary artist supposed to be able to create relevant work that reflects emotions?

Since there is so much in this world that is so different why cant I just paint pieces that bring joy to people. I hope you enjoy what you see and that what I create speaks to you.

Have a great day!!

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