Fantasy Art

 Fantasy Art

What’s life without a bit of fantasy art? Why let anything limit the create of a custom piece of your home. Let your imagination run wild when working with Debra to create your custom piece of fantasy art.

Wikipedia defines fantasy art as this:

“Fantasy has been an integral part of art since its beginnings,[2] but has been particularly important in mannerism, magic realist painting, romantic art, symbolism and surrealism. In French, the genre is called le fantastique, in English is is sometimes referred to as visionary art, grotestque art or mannerist art. It has a deep and circular interaction with fantasy literature.

“The subject matter of Fantastic Art may resemble the product of hallucinations, and Fantastic artist Richard Dadd spent much of his life in mental institutions. Salvidor Dali famously said: “the only difference between me and a madman is that I am not mad”.[3]

“The term Fantasy Art is closely related, and is applied primarily to recent art (typically 20th century onwards) often based around, or illustrating, fantasy literature…

“Fantastic art has traditionally been largely confined to painting and illustration, but since the 1970s has increasingly been found also in photography. Fantastic art explores fantasy, “space fantasy” (a sub-genre which incorporates subjects of alien mythology and/or alien religion), imagination, the dream state, the grotesque, visions and the uncanny,[2] as well as so-called “Goth” art.”

Obviously fantasy art is open to many interpretations. And it comes as no surprise that Debra’s is playful and uplifting.

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