Still Art & Fauna

Still Art & Fauna

When most people think about still art they think of a vase of flowers or some apples in a bowl. But Debra puts her own unique viewpoint into her still art.

The last thing an artist wants to do is to bore someone or put them to sleep with a lack of interest and creativity in their piece. Like all of her work, Debra pushes the boundaries of still art and has created pieces which are fun and fantastic.

Unlike these boring images, modern day still life can be very abstract and avant-guard. Matisse, Picasso and the invent of abstract expressionism in the 1930’s has opened the doors on still life to complete interpretation by the artist. Andy Warhol’s physical still life pieces are a great example of how this genre has expanded.

Staying true to her style, Debra infuses brilliant color and whimsy into her still life art.

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